Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Why does my pet need another exam?!

One of the more frustrating things for a pet owner to hear is, 'you need to have an exam before we can refill those meds.' 

We get it... Often it's the same problem as last time, or it's just a regular preventative medicine you need. But, here are three reasons your veterinarian insists on exam every time!

1. The problem may have changed. Veterinarians are trained medical professionals that can determine if alternate treatment is needed.
That fungal ear infection might be bacterial this time. Using the meds you had previously used for your pet's yeast ear infection could make the problem much, much worse.  Or the ear drum might be perforated, making some prescription ear meds dangerous to use. There is no way to tell what is truly going on with your companion without an exam.

2. The pet's health may have changed. Sure your cat is itchy again and needs those steroids, but during an exam a veterinarian might diagnose a heart murmur or other problem that would make steroids contraindicated. 
3. Legally, a valid patient-doctor relationship is needed prior to dispensing medications. Even though you get heartworm preventative every year and Fido is feeling fine, she still needs an exam in order to validate that relationship. Most veterinarians aren't willing to compromise their license by ignoring this. 

It can be frustrating, but there is a reason for this annoying rule. Our goal is to keep your pet as healthy and happy as possible, and an exam is necessary to do this!