Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wasabi is now 6 months old!

Wasabi is now 6 months old!  In the last couple of months, he has transformed from a clumsy teenager into an adult, complete with brilliant plumage.  His pastel peachy feathers around his face were the first to molt, and he quickly grew bright orangish/red replacements.  His green body feathers have also been steadily molting, littering our counters with colorful fuzz.  The last to molt are his primary (wing) and tail feathers, which are being replaced with brighter and larger feathers.
Although lovebirds can be one of the more difficult parrots to transferonto a formulated pellet diet, Wasabi has successfully completed this task, and is now learning in order to get his favorite treats, buckwheat and safflower seeds, he has to work for them.   He gets rewarded for doing something that we would like him to do, whether something as simple as stepping up without fuss, laying on his back, or just having some quiet time.

Overall, Wasabi still loves meeting new people, among occasionally being much too friendly with a large dog or two.  Make sure to say hello to him, next time you're in to visit the hospital!