Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wasabi update!

Wasabi is now 14 weeks old!  He has become quite the acrobat, swinging from toys in his cage, and hanging upside down on one foot from his perches.  He has developed many different sounds, squeaks and screeches, along with giving kisses, complete with the kissing sound! 

It has seemed like a very long road, but after much fretting, Wasabi is fully weaned.  Turns out, he's a bit of a picky boy, oh, and rather spoiled, as well.  After  trying many different types of pellets, seeds, fruits veggies and other foods (thanks Parrots 'N Stuff!), we found that he is a big fan of a canary mix, full of good stuff like golden flax seed and buck wheat.  After trying this new mix for only a few days, Wasabi is completely weaned, making for a very happy lovebird, and an even happier hospital!  Now on to the next challenge, transferring him to a pelleted diet.  I will have to admit, I have never met a bird that loves vinegar, until Wasabi.  He will chase you across the house if he knows you have it, silly bird.

He still loves his baths, whether in a bath pan, or in his water dish.  He can often be found soaking the counter and its contents, or shortly after when he vaguely resembles a drowned rat.

Over all, Wasabi has turned in to a wonderful companion, and hospital resident.  He is happy to say hello to everyone, and get a little cheek-rub time in.