Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fourth of July safety for your Pets

The Fourth of July is fast approaching. If your pet is one to get stressed by the noise of fireworks, Idaho Veterinary Hospital recommends that you prepare early. Even if the fireworks are miles away the animal can feel and hear the loud noises that a firework display puts out.
Before the event
·         Prepare a safe haven or favorite place.
·         Provide your pet with toys, treats and plenty of water.
·         Aim to get your cat indoors before it turns dark.
·         Close off cat flaps, doggy doors and windows.  
·         Escape proof your home, make sure gates are locked and secure.
·         Walk your dog before dusk, most pets will not return outside to go to the bathroom once the fireworks have started.
·         There are products  to  help calm  your pet's anxiety such as, diffusers, sprays and medication for dogs and cats.
·         Make pets identifiable. Make sure your pet is wearing some form of easily readable identification in case they run away or get lost.
·         More pets go missing on the fourth of July than any other day. Microchips are best to get pets back home to their  owners if they do escape.   
During the event
·         Close curtains & blinds to minimize noise and light.
·         Play music  or TV at a louder volume than normal.
·         Do not yell or punish your pet for being scared.
·          Ignore any fearful behavior such as panting, shaking, and whining, this will only make your dog more distressed.
·         Try to stay home with your pet and distract them with a game or toy.
·         Keep your routine as normal as possible, do not over comfort them.
Please call our office with any question or concerns @ 208-466-4614.